Equipment Review: A Step Closer to a Garage Gym T-Bar Row

You know I like T-bar rows. I told you so before, when I sang the praises of the land mine I bought. I’ve been using a narrow-grip pulley attachment with it, but with my latest purchase, I’m one step closer to a garage gym T-bar row.

The Titan T-Bar Handle.

This is the first piece of equipment I’ve had designed specifically to work with a landmine, to convert an Olympic bar into a rowing apparatus on par with one you’d find at a commercial gym. Unlike most everything else in my garage gym, the Titan T-Bar Handle serves only one purpose, but considering it’s one of my favorite back exercises, it was worth the investment to me–initially. Over the long run, I’ll want to see how it holds up, but upon first glance, it has my early recommendation.

The handle features a 2″ sleeve to fit just right on an Olympic bar, and it fits outside of the collar, which is nice because it allows you to distribute the majority of the weight you’re lifting as far as possible from the fulcrum, meaning more potential for heavier weight with a better range of motion. Compared to having to use the attachment under the collar, which I’ve been doing, this feels like a much more appropriate setup. The construction is solid, with two steel handlebars attaching to the collar and two nonslip grips coating the ends of those bars.

As with any nonslip, rubberized coating (far from my favorite feature on gym equipment), I’ll be dubious of how long it stops from slipping–not out of my hands, but from off the bar itself. Early indications don’t give me any cause to assume the worst, but it’s certainly the most identifiable weak spot in what’s mostly a point-of-failure-free apparatus.

I really like this handle right now and am hopeful it will be a significant contribution to my garage gym. If you love T-bar rows and want to simulate in your own home gym, I’d strongly consider going with the landmine and handlebar setup as a suitable replacement.

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