The humble peg board, a space-saving essential

img_0275One bit of good fortune I had when I bought my house was that the previous owner had hung up a large peg board in the garage. When I made the decision to convert the space to my own home gym, I wanted to make the best use of it possible.

It’s turned into one of the most underrated parts of my personal gym space. Its surface area is huge and helps me keep all my light accessories off the floor. That part is crucial for me: With limited floor space, I don’t want to be cramming equipment into corners or tripping over it. This is a solution that maximizes the space I have.

I bought this assorted peg pack off Amazon, and there is quite enough variety in it for my needs. I easily can hang up what I need to on my board: two foam rollers (one seen here), a programming whiteboard, a ton of cable attachments, knee wraps, a weight belt, bands, a rolled floor mat, and tons more.


One size won’t fit all for everyone’s garage gym, but if you are looking for an easy way to make good use of the space you have and keep your smaller items off the floor, I would recommend investing in a peg board.

I’ve also considered adding a locker to the garage for some added storage (shoes, towels, backup water bottles, etc.). What solutions have you found for your gym storage?

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