Christmas Gifts for the Garage Gym Athlete in Your Life, Even if It’s You

I’m a consumer shill and I admit that I love Christmas for the gift-giving (and receiving) aspect of it. I dig all the other stuff, too – family, togetherness, giving, the spirit of goodwill, pie, dead trees in my house – but I truly get excited to buy good swag for my family and watch them open it.

I imagine that I’m tough to shop for. If you’re a garage gym athlete who wants to slowly add pieces to your home gym, maybe you know the feeling! I usually struggle to come up with a list if somebody asks me, and that’s because I either have very specific things I want that I’d never ask someone else to spend crazy money on, or it’s because I usually will be more comfortable just buying something myself, knowing it’s the exact thing I want without having to worry about returning it later.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’m trying to be better about helping those who would come up with gifts for me, and in doing so, decided to make a list of a few garage or home gym options you can either give to the fitness enthusiast in your life, or ask for yourself without feeling guilty.

To do that, break up your gift ideas into two groups: Inexpensive, thoughtful stuff they wouldn’t buy for themselves, and high-quality stuff they might not want to shell out for.

Things They’d Want But Wouldn’t Buy Themselves

Training gear is always a good choice for a garage gym athlete. I’m personally asking for UnderArmour Heat Gear.

When I struggle to come up with a gift idea, that’s my go-to question. What would he/she want but wouldn’t pay for?

Are you shopping for a garage gym athlete you know is well-off enough that he’d buy himself fitness equipment before asking anyone else to do it for him? Then a more affordable amenity might be a better option (a flag for decoration, a stereo/Bluetooth speaker, a quality water bottle or shaker cup, a space heater or fan, etc.).

Affordable, thoughtful ideas: Bluetooth speaker, iPod, streaming music subscription (I like Apple Music and Spotify over Pandora, personally), weather-appropriate training clothes, Lockjaw collars, lifter’s chalk, gym deco (flags, pennants, etc.)

Things They’d Want That You’d Rather Not Pony Up For

Image result for trx for christmas

The TRX makes a terrific gift for your fitness-minded loved one. The only reason someone wouldn’t want one is if they already had one.

Another way to read this: Things you want that you don’t feel comfortable asking someone to pony up for. Look, a lot of quality gym equipment – even just home gym equipment – is pricey. I get not wanting to offend someone asking you what’s on your Christmas list by telling them, “Oh, $400 gym equipment, please.” I’m not about to go asking my grandma for a new Olympic bar.

However, if your gift recipients are like me, they might appreciate quality over quantity when it comes to getting presents. I’d rather have one or two amazing gifts than a hundred cheap knickknacks, wouldn’t you?

I’ve relied on the power of the group gift to ask for what I wanted in Christmases past, and I’ve also teamed up with other family members to get others awesome gifts I wouldn’t have been able to give based on my own individual gift budget. If you want to make a big splash, join forces with others who love your gift recipient and knock their socks off.

Pricier stuff to team up on: TRX system, dumbbell rack, Bowflex Selectech dumbbells, a good Olympic bar, a weight bench, boxes/platforms

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