Equipment Update: Bumper Plate Rack

I love having more plates than I will ever use on a single lift, and the bumper plate variety gives me multiple options for grouped-movement workouts.

One downside I was finding after a few weeks, though, was that when the bumpers weren’t in use, they were on the ground. Even as a fairly organized, neat person – with the weights in stacks, off to the side – I was getting annoyed with the amount of space they took up. Quick fix: This bumper plate rack. (I definitely enjoyed free shipping on this one.)

Setup was super simple – all I had to install was the handle and two brackets. Took 2 minutes.

Pros: Plenty of room, and claims to hold up to 360 pounds of weight. In the picture here, I’ve stowed the 50-lb. Lalanne plates I almost never use (which is preferable to having them leaning on the wall, if nothing else), plus pairs of 45s, 25s and 10s. You can see there is room for more, and the 35s I have can both fit in there. Construction is really solid, and the dolly-style wheels and handle make it really easy to move around, even loaded.

Cons: It’s nitpicking, but it’s brown. It’s a matte powder-coat finish, which is nice, but I wish it would’ve been black or gray, which are more standard colors. I can’t stress enough how “meh” of a “con” this is.

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