Max Effect: Bumpers and Barbells

captureMy workouts have been amazing lately.

(That’s not to be confused with “I’ve been amazing at working out lately.” They’ve been kicking my ass, actually. But that’s what makes them good, right?)

With the assistance of my buddy Chris, a certified performance coach and personal trainer, I’ve got a program built on tons of compound movements, super-and-giant sets, and plenty of volume and weight. It’s a great mix.

I don’t want to give much of it away – Chris makes a living on creating personalized training for people, and though mine is unique enough to me and my own garage equipment that it probably wouldn’t be the perfect workout for you, it still wouldn’t be nice of me to give away every detail. (If you are interested in getting a personalized workout of your own, with professional feedback and customized programming, I can put you in touch. Just hit me up via Twitter.)

However – you can use some of the principles and concepts to your advantage, whether you’re training in your garage or at the gym. You’ll just need two barbells and some space, so hitting this grouping during peak gym hours isn’t recommended. The concept: Heavy posterior chain for low reps, followed by light explosive floor-up movement. Apply that to whichever workout you like. Pair a squat with a jump squat, or (getting away from legs) incline bench with plyo push-ups.

You can go through 4-5 sets of this, with a minimum of 3 and a max of 6 total sets. It should start your workout, after you’re warmed up. For video of me doing this, check out my Instagram, naturally.

The superset:

Sets 1-2: Sumo deadlift 3 reps/4 power cleans

Remaining sets: Sumo DL 3 reps/4 power clean to front squat

That’s “it.” Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s effective. Enjoy!

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