Full Body Workout – Deadlift Focus

I am two weeks into my new training program, and what’s really special about this one is that I’ve got my younger brother working with me, too. I’m usually pretty good about making time to lift, but between the two of us, we knew we’d face some difficulties in staying consistent.

These humble-looking medicine balls were brutal in a superset of slams and front squats.

However, we’re two weeks and six workouts in, and right on track.

The program is three full-body sessions with a day of rest in between, two at most (intended to be the weekend, though this week it was between Wednesday and Saturday). Almost all of it is supersets, since we’re trying to get some fat-burning in, too, but we’re working in some heavier elements, too: 5×5 for squats, barbell bench press and deadlifts, in that order. Each lift represents the “anchor” of its respective workout, so we lead off with its straight sets then move into our supersets.

Here’s today’s lift. If you want to shake things up with some full-body work today, enjoy:

5×5 on deadlifts today. I worked in a sumo variation on my last set.

Deadlifts: 5×5

Superset, 4×10: DB Incline Press/DB Lateral Raises

Superset, 4×10: Medicine Ball Slams/Medicine Ball Front Squats

Superset, 3×10: EZ Bar French Press/EZ Bar Curls

Superset, 3×10: Barbell Shrugs x 20 (3-second pause at the top of every fifth)/:20 planks

Superset, 2×10: “American Psycho” crunches/:20 planks (honestly, if you know the name of these crunches — from fully extended legs and torso, to bent knees while crunching, hit me up!)

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