New gear, new back workout

I mentioned a short while back that I got some new stuff for the garage. This week, I’ve been putting it to good use, and last night I was able to incorporate it into a solid back workout.

img_0718You don’t necessarily need everything I’ve got to have a great posterior chain workout, of course (this one was limited to upper body). A barbell, dumbbells and pull-up bar will usually be enough to hammer your lats, spinal erectors, rear delts, rhomboids and traps (plus your biceps, if you choose to go pull-focused). But as usual, I’m here to share what I did in case you’re looking for new ideas or want to pull a movement or two from my training to incorporate into yours. Here’s how the lift went.

Warm-up: Overhead medicine ball chops, 3×5; single-arm cable row (25 lbs only), 2×10 each arm
Pull-ups: 10, 3×5 (with 15 pounds in weight vest)

img_0717Bent over barbell rows, 12, 10, 10, 10
TRX neutral grip rows (with 15 pounds in weight vest), 4×10

Core (left the weight vest on)

TRX Body Saws, 2×10

TRX planks, 2x 30 seconds

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